You never forget your first….Bedford

Long before he was the Minister for Roads, or the Chair of the Heavy Vehicle Regulator, Duncan Gay drove (and loved) trucks. “My first truck was a K series, forward control Bedford, not dissimilar to this one. I can still remember putting a Perkins 63/54 motor coupled to a Leyland overdrive gearbox in her.” 

“I got my truck licence in 1968, back then the local Police in Crookwell converted my military licence, through 12 Coy RAASC, to a civilian one.  It’s almost a little embarrassing to admit it now, but back then, there were no hours and no test.”

As anyone that works with Heavy Vehicles can attest, there have been massive improvements to the safety and performance of vehicles in the past 50 years, but there have also been major reforms to the network, “I remember one particular wooden bridge at Pejar, between Goulburn and Crookwell, for all the wrong reasons.  As a livestock carrier, it was especially fun in a frost as the stock moved around. I think that memory is one reason why I was so passionate about the ‘Bridges for the Bush’ program and why I remain a passionate advocate for the HV industry.”

The Hon. Duncan Gay
Chair of Advisory Board, Executive Advisor