Temporary Works Design for the new Light Rail bridge

Project Overview

MU Group Consulting provided temporary works design and design certification for the Temporary Jacks and methodology related to the staging of works for the new bridge. The 16m high, 14m wide, 64m long single span weathering steel arch bridge weighing 1425 tonnes was lifted over 6 traffic lanes on James Ruse Drive and placed on temporary jacks designed by our team.

Scope of work

The scope of works included delivering methodology and design of installation of temporary jacks for lowering the entire arch bridge and transferring load to temporary design. After the arch bridge was positioned 10mm above the permanent bearing assembly on the night of Saturday 29 May 2021, the arch bridge was left to stand on the temporary supports for a few days to give permanent works bearing installation and other construction activities to be coordinated before the arch bridge is lowered onto its permanent position.

The state’s second-longest span steel arch bridge has been lifted into place over a busy Sydney road, in a major milestone for the Parramatta Light Rail project.

The finished arch bridge will ultimately carry the up and down Carlingford tracks for the Parramatta Light Rail including a 3.75m wide shared path.

Project highlights


Uninterrupted traffic flow

The temporary works design was done in such a way as to ensure that the 6 lanes of traffic on James Ruse Drive can continue to operate while the arch bridge was still sitting on temporary works.


The state’s second-longest steel arch bridge

The bridge has become the state’s second-longest steel arch bridge span, weighing 1425-tonnes, 64-metres long and 16-metres high.