St Albans Bridge

Project Background

MU Group was engaged by DM Roads to carry out design rehabilitation works on Pier 4 of St Albans Bridge at St Albans, NSW. The key objectives of the project included improving the safety of the bridge, reducing long-term maintenance and respecting the heritage and characteristics of the 19th century design.

Our Scope

Project’s scope involved producing Options Report followed by Concept, Detail and IFC Design of the final selected option for the refurbishment of Pier 4 at St Albans.

Bridge Rehabilitation Solutions

The project team developed 4 strengthening solutions for Pier 4. Each option has been assessed against constructability, cost, heritage, traffic impact, environment, safety and sustainability. Overall, the team achieved the rehabilitation objectives and reduced heritage impact by maintaining the appearance of the existing pier columns.

Innovation in action

MU Group introduced a key innovation to this project by designing an infill material between the existing wrought iron riveted column and the new steel casing, while avoiding clashes with existing rivets and providing electrical isolation of dissimilar metals.

A 3D model has been created for a heritage-listed St Albans bridge,

constructed in 1901, to carefully study the existing Pier 4 and elements of the new refurbishment/strengthening structure to ensure heritage, environmental, fabrication, utility services and constructability issues are incorporated in the detail design and construction documentation.