Provision of professional services for Integrated Transport Action Plans

Project Background

A successful 4-year engagement with Transport for NSW, working closely with Network Planning and Network Development teams developing Sydney Road Network Plans (RNP) and Integrated Transport Action Plans (ITAPs).

MU Group have been pivotal in setting the vision for Sydney’s road network including its strategic links to associated transport infrastructure, heavy vehicle routes, access strategies for growth areas and place-making based on the Movement and Place framework and guided by the Greater Sydney and Future Transport 2056 strategies.

The team, tasked with recognising the complex nature of different road environments, provided a way to measure and prioritise the needs of all road customers, analysing the transport system as one integrated system, not individual projects or modes.

Program Scope

As part of the program, our team


Determined how the performance of the network compared to the aspirations of each component of the movement and place future focused principles.


Identified the scale of gaps in performance and what outcomes were needed.


Initiated a broad spectrum of transport and enabling place-making projects to meet the objectives of integrated transport management and future growth.


Ensured alignment with Road Network Plans to address road safety, network performance, public transport, freight, and active transport issues.

Creating long-lasting solutions to shape and connect communities

The need for quality integrated transport planning that builds stronger and better-connected communities has never been higher. Our expertise enables solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s transport challenges.

Thorough approach to stakeholder engagement, tailored to each location

To ensure that the ITAP development considered the needs of key customer and stakeholder groups, our team led focused community consultations and stakeholder workshops for each corridor. We managed the relevant media and ministerial enquiries and community responses, representing TfNSW in major planning and project meetings to ensure ongoing engagement in the determination of priorities for future investment.

Project highlights



MU Group developed procurement strategies using TfNSW systems, managing the contracts to deliver investigations including ITS Strategy Report, Traffic Studies, and Modelling as well as Healthy Street Assessment and Reports. 


Design solutions

MU Group led the identification and analysis of issues, confirmation of opportunities and the development of designs to support funding submissions on various infrastructure projects throughout the Greater Sydney Region.



We led the development of ITS Strategies on behalf of TfNSW for over 50 corridors across Eastern Harbour City, Central River City and Western Parkland City.


MU Group received a superior performance rating from Transport for NSW.