Parramatta Light Rail

State Significant Infrastructure serving a growing Sydney

The Parramatta Light Rail (PLR) project is a State Significant Infrastructure project by the NSW Government that will connect Westmead to Carlingford via the Parramatta CBD and Camellia with a two-way track spanning 12 kilometres, and is expected to open in 2023. Visit their website to learn more:

Project Overview

MU Group was engaged in 2016 by then Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) in providing a team of experts representing the client as the Roads Authority and being responsible for fostering ‘Whole of Government’ collaboration, proactively identifying and resolving complex technical issues to ensure successful delivery of this iconic addition to Sydney’s transport network which, once built, is expected to revitalise the geographical heart of the Parramatta city.


PLR has unique challenges in integrating with the existing road network, in particular with crossing significant arterial roads such as James Ruse Drive and Kissing Point Road. Our expert Contract Managers formalised with RMS and TfNSW legal teams detailed a Collaboration Agreement, Roads Act Approvals and Work Authorisation Deed to oversee the Rails/Road interface and establish responsibilities during different project phases.

Client Feedback

“MU Group continuously provided a great service, leading the roads and traffic interface for PLR and providing support to the team in achieving the overall outcome. MU is a key member of the team.”

Parramatta Light Rail Representative


Ongoing Involvement

After more than five years, MU Group remains engaged by TfNSW as an integral component of the PLR team, providing leadership and coordination in areas including design reviews for traffic planning and management, strategies for the effective integration of active and public transport, and the needs of heavy vehicles and industry.  We believe that the success of MU Group during project development has led to an extended engagement in the project delivery phase.

Project highlights

The Value We Brought to the Project


Project-long Guidance

We provided Roads Agency input and guidance to the PLR Project team on its development, design and operation of transport and traffic models. This includes transport planning and traffic management input and road impact assessments to ensure a holistic transport solution is obtained for all road users.


Leadership and Collaboration

During this engagement, a high focus on leadership and collaboration helped us to develop and foster a strong collaborative relationship with the PLR Team and stakeholders whilst ensuring optimal network integration that maintains the performance of the road network.


A Solution for Every Need

Our involvement spans all aspects of the life of the project. We provided the Transport planning inputs in support of the Strategic Business Case, Final Business Case, Environmental Impact Statement, Design development, Contract (specifications) documentation and project delivery.

Project Team

Des Udayan

Project Director (RMS Roads Integration)

Joekarl Diaz

Senior Interface Manager

Kevin Ironside

Senior Project Officer, Design

Dea Khateeb

Senior Project Officer, Contracts

Steven Ludenia

Senior Project Officer, Traffic