Fixing Country Bridges – Design and Environmental Approvals for 5 Bridges

Project Overview

Port Macquarie Hastings Council (PMHC) engaged MU Group to carry out bridge replacement design for five multi-span ageing timber bridges

  • Little Morton’s Creek Bridge,
  • Logans Crossing Bridge,
  • King Creek Bridge,
  • Langdon’s Bridge Bottlebrush No2 and
  • Bottlebrush No1 Bridge.

Our Solution

With a length of 23 meters, these bridges feature a single span Super T bridge deck designed to address the challenges posed by flooding. Given their remote locations, procurement, delivery of materials to site and use of local suppliers were key considerations.

The new design offers

Services that we provided include:

We go local first

In our procurement strategy, our primary approach was to prioritise local suppliers and contractors. This helped streamline the process and ensure efficient implementation incorporating local knowledge into the design and improving constructability.

Simplicity, standardisation and repetitive use

As the project was time-sensitive, our team have workshopped potential solutions to fast-track the design process and ensure cost-effective, safe and efficient construction outcomes. This early focus was on simplicity, standardisation, and repetitive use of similar elements to facilitate off site prefabrication.