Casula Powerhouse Carpark Expansion

Project Overview

MU Group Consulting was engaged by Liverpool City Council to provide a Detailed Design for the expansion of Casula Powerhouse Carpark.

The previous northern carpark at Casula Powerhouse was to be expanded from 45 car spaces into 76 spaces. The construction was completed in late 2022.

Project drainage highlights


Drainage is key to the design of the carpark. Much of the design was focused on determining a suitable biofilter design and ensuring the subsurface drainage maintain effective flow despite the flat and shallow grades of the site. A water sensitive urban design principle using a combination of vegetation and filter material was incorporated that suits the local condition of the carpark area. This was important as the site is adjacent to Georges River.


As the carpark drainage was to connect to an existing stormwater drainage from the railway, a Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT) was installed on the railway drainage pipe prior to connection with the carpark drainage network. This ensured a ‘cleaner’ water at the outlet.

MU Group’s implementation of stormwater biofiltration system at Casula Powerhouse Carpark demonstrates our commitment to prioritise environmentally responsible solutions and foster sustainable urban development.

By actively incorporating such sustainable practices in stormwater and drainage infrastructure, we aim to create a positive and lasting impact on the places we design, increasing the city’s resilience to the effects of pollution and natural hazards.

Project Team

Joekarl Diaz

Project Lead

Guna Krishnasamy

Civil Designer

David House

Drainage Lead

Terry Lance

Design Reviewer

Johnathan Soosaipillai

Graduate Engineer