Launch of the Youth Advisory Committee

Meet the Young Guns! AKA Youth Advisory

MU Group have created a Youth Advisory (YA), made up of a small group of youth leadership, reporting directly to the Advisory Board. Another way to keep fresh ideas flowing at MU Group Consulting.

As our organisation evolves, we want to make sure that our younger team members’ interests are represented across the various aspects of our company. This initiative seeks to leverage the insights of the group and diversify the perspectives our executive team is exposed to. The ”Young Guns” will act as an incubator to influence the future of MU Group, talking to their peers, generating innovative ideas, challenging traditional approaches and ways of thinking.

Olga Gurko was nominated chair of the YA. The other YA members are Johnathan Soosaipillai, Anastasia Melnichenko and Sula Jayawickarama.

The initiative offers the Youth Advisory another opportunity to focus on their own personal development and leadership, whilst contributing to our mission “Developing, designing and delivering sustainable infrastructure that transforms places and improves lives”.

Olga Gurko, Chair of Youth Advisory Committee