It’s a Christmas Chin Chin time!

The MU Group team came together to celebrate the end of this unprecedented yet exceptional year that was 2021. With many of us working remotely during the pandemic, we try to never lose sight of the importance of having a fun and caring work environment that feels so special in a consultancy world of tight deadlines.

MU Group Christmas 2021
MU Group Christmas 2021

We are thankful to our team for all the hard work they’ve done, and for always going above and beyond not only for our clients but for each other as well (you can tell it by looking at our happy faces). Did we tell you that MU culture is very special? 😊 Well, now you know!

Chin Chin Sydney restaurant hosted us with some of the most delicious food in town, vibrant and original ambience, and cocktails to remember!

Merry Christmas, all!