From Intern to Project Engineer: Haris Gibovic

Meet Haris Gibovic, a talented project engineer who started his career as an MU Group intern. Haris’ dedication and passion quickly led him into exciting new project opportunities at MU Group.

We interviewed Haris to hear his perspective and learn more about his experience starting his career with MU Group.

Tell us about your journey to MU Group.

My degree was in Civil Engineering and Project Management at USYD ~ I’ve always been really drawn to civil and structural design projects. When I came across MU Group, I was instantly impressed by the specialised sectors and range of options, which was perfect for a new graduate like me. It seemed like the ideal place to explore and expand my understanding.

Haris Gibovic, Project Engineer

I heard about MU Group through a friend at university so I reached out and was lucky to get an interview. I joined as an intern, then became a graduate engineer and now working as a Project Engineer.

I’ve been lucky to work on exciting projects, each at different stages. It’s been an incredible learning experience, and I can honestly say that I now have a much deeper understanding of the components in designing and constructing roads and structures. A great moment as a Grad was when I got to visit the Mamre Road State Significant Development (SSD) Upgrade site for the first time. It is very different to seeing a design on paper.

What challenged you to learn and grow?

Working on road and bridge design projects has given me a solid understanding of the various design challenges that can come up. From ensuring proper drainage for road works to optimising constructability, it’s been quite a journey!

Working on real-life projects has really driven home the importance of effective project management. I’ve seen firsthand how it can make a huge difference to the outcomes we achieve. I get so many opportunities to collaborate with designers, engineers and SMEs from different disciplines and work closely with our clients and stakeholders. I am learning so much about delivering the best results.

What does your typical day look like?

No day is quite the same  – it’s a mix of different projects and tasks that keeps things exciting. Depending on the day, I might find myself attending full-day bridge inspections, organising project design teams or diving into the detailed review of design drawings and comments. The variety keeps me on my toes! From assisting with design workshops to tackling other unique challenges, every day brings something new and I love that.

I’ve been spending time at the Mamre Road SSD upgrade project. It’s been amazing to see our designs come to life in real-time during site visits and collaborate closely with the construction team to overcome any onsite hurdles.

Being a part of road and bridge design projects has been an enriching experience. It has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of various engineering disciplines, such as geotechnical, hydrological, and surveying. The exposure broadens my skills and knowledge from practical learning experience.

What advice would you offer undergrads trying to find their way?

Take every opportunity to learn something new because it’s these experiences that will build your knowledge and expertise.

Engineering disciplines are all interconnected, so, don’t shy away from getting involved. The more you immerse yourself in different aspects of engineering, the better you’ll grasp the big picture. It’s like connecting the dots – each task contributes to your overall understanding and skillset.

So, be patient, stay curious, and grab every chance to learn. It will pay off and make you a confident engineer.

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